Neon Breaktime



I just turned this in as a proposal, but didn’t get selected. But I still want to do it.

This is an idea that has been rolling around in my brain for about 6 months. I have considered going to Butte to do something along these lines and hopefully I will eventually. But this one in Seattle, hopefully in the I.D., is what I want to do now. It’s hard for me to find the space needed for the art I want to make. I have been making art since I got back, but really only The Windows have felt like they were at their proper scale and I think that is because by their nature as windows they create their own expanded space.

Here is what I proposed:

I use my art as a means to discover how perception changes based on the context in which I consider it. I am currently exploring how one can go to different places yet they look and feel the same, and how one can keep going to the same place but it looks and feels different with each visit.

My plan relates to this exploration in combination with two of my favorite things: 1970’s cop shows and natural history museums. My storefront will be Headquarters for my forensic investigation/ Age of Enlightenment-style installation. The installation will be constantly adding to itself and transforming.

This installation is an adaptation of my work process. I start with research, followed by exploration -notes, drawings and diagrams. Then I source the materials. My ideas are influenced by the materials and go through a transformative period. Finally, I create the artwork.

The installation will be in 3 sequential parts.

1st stage, research/investigation:

-I will portion the surrounding neighborhood into small quadrants to be investigated, build a tilt-top table, shelves and display board for the windows.

-I will use photography, notes, drawings, and scavenged materials to record my impressions of each quadrant. After my investigations I will label the evidence with tags containing vital information. Rotating groups of related evidence will be displayed in the windows.

Stage 2, exploration/speculation:

-At this point I shall work out the meanings and stories I have discovered in my investigations, continuing to display the evidence but looking for connections and inspiration in it. I will create and display large ink diagrams, dioramas, maps and notes that help to explain the ideas I am considering.

Stage 3, conclusion/creation:

-Create objects that will be self-supporting, sectional and draw inspiration from the diagrams and dioramas, but are unlikely to be exact replicas. They will gradually spread and grow in the space.