Words to live by, words to not live by.


day thirteen

This is what I am going to do. I think late next spring would be the right time.

     I will to go to Butte, Montana, for one month in order to investigate the reason for the large influence Butte has had upon my artwork. The conclusions drawn from this investigation to take the form of a cluster of artwork. At this moment I envision this work to be similar in style to the police investigations one saw on television in the 1970’s: using photographs, diagrams, chalkboards, sketches, etc…. All displayed together in such a way as to indicate sequence of ideas and groupings of qualities.

     I intend to conduct my investigations by breaking the city into quadrants based upon traditional mining districts. I plan to spend 2 days spaced 2 weeks apart in the chosen districts. Digital and Holga photography, small sketches and diagrams, and scavenged materials will be used to record my impressions of each district. Each evening upon returning to headquarters I shall put up the days materials, and make dioramas and notes regarding the work.

     The final 5 days will be used to go back and fill-in any gaps in the material and to write a report about my conclusions. 

day twelve

I hate when my melancholia takes over. But just like I said I need something to react against. So my melancholia takes over and I come back fighting! Oh the plans this bout has inspired! I got to get away and there’s no arguing with that. But now I have started thinking and scheming and am sure to come up with a plan.

Here’s where I think I have decided I need to end up soon: Spain, New York, Butte, San Francisco, Palermo, somewhere in the American South, Berlin, Mexico, North Africa, or Siberia. Basically, anywhere. 

Obviously I have to get to these places via my artistic abilities. 

I figure it’s best to get started with somewhere I know I am going to be totally inspired and can produce some serious high-quality artwork. So I think I will start with Butte. Because I did start with Butte.

I think about places a lot. Especially those places that have presence and personality as strong as a person. The ones I like and want to go to hit me with the same sort of feelings as people I like and like being with.

Like Berlin, Berlin has the same feeling as my aunts. It’s smart, sort of quirky, challenging, funny, deep.