The Catalog of Things Lost

This is another call out for contributors for a project I am starting.

I haven’t done any work in a month, I go home in 2 weeks to no job, no home, no shows, I’m wandering around foreign places by myself, and I am feeling that I have sort of lost myself.

But this has started me thinking about lost things and how as a lost thing right now it feels important to not be forgotten. So I have decided to start a catalog of lost things. If something is lost that means that someone misses it. I am not sure yet what form this catalog will take, but I would like to create a visual catalog of the missed and missing that acknowledges their/it’s importance to the people who lost it.

It has become a part of my creative process to send out a call for help to the masses for contributions to the work, and I am doing it again.

I am asking people to send me photos, drawings, written descriptions, copies – anything that represents something lost. The things you miss can be anything that you feel the loss of: I miss people who are gone, my little red stationwagon, friends I have lost contact with, a piece of jewelry my grandmother gave me, our houseboat, ….

You can include an explanation if you want, but only if you want to.

This will become a part of my art, so with that in mind let me know if you do not want this seen by eyes other than mine. Those private ones will be kept secreted away in a special place.

Please send this on to anyone you know who may want to have something they lost added to the catalog.

Please send the lost things to:

thanks, Angel