What I’m up to now. New images soon.

I just finished my thesis: 40 pages! (with pics) on the means and benefits of collaboration in the careers of Robert Rauschenberg, Yoko Ono, and Janet Cardiff -all of whom have made it a driving element throughout their careers.

This seems to be the path I am following as well, and I’m happy to have that be the case. Being a visual artist can be very isolating and in order to keep myself from becoming even more seperate from the world I have developed various means to work with others. Mainly writers, now a couple of musicians, almost always the audience, and I think next will be a direct collaboration with another visual artist. For me that will be the most challenging. Working with artists of other disciplines allows us each control over our own areas, but if I am to work with another visual artist those boundaries will be unclear and I will have to give up some of my control over the work. I feel this will be good for me and for my art, I am a bit dictatorial about the execution of my ideas. Not that I don’t appreciate and take the advice of my fellow artists in regard to the work I make – it’s the supremacy of my idea that I insist upon and this probably needs to be broken down a bit.

I’m rambling. It’s the morning in Berlin, I’ve been up for hours with my serial insomnia. Time to gather up my stuff and go to the Zoo.


Exchange with The Royal College of Art in London

Chris and I spent 2 weeks in London as part of a school exchange with RCA. We weren’t given studios as this was seen as an opportunity for us to see as much contemporary art as possible. Which we did. Plus some other stuff that seemed to make sense with our art work. In my case going with Claire to the back rooms of the Natural History Museum where all the stuff in jars is kept, checking out the actual museum, Portabello Road, The British Musem, a trip to Oxford, going to Madame Tussaud’s (free to Americans on Inaugeration Day), looking at window displays, etc…