I See France!!!


me to me

As one of my projects this year I decided to take the premise of The Correspondence Project and turn it on myself. I am having a dialogue between the me that draws and the me that writes. I started with an initial journal entry, then drew a picture in response, then wrote a response to the picture, then drew a picture in response to that…. It’s a little strange, I am experiencing the same frustration with myself as a writer as I did with some of the writing I worked with before: a focus on the darkness in the drawings. What makes it so odd is that rather than just stopping and changing direction, the drawing me is waiting for the writing me to lighten up a bit. I am thinking that the drawing me is going to rebel and start introducing color to confuse the writing me, but I’m not exactly sure when and how. As crazy as this makes me seem I am finding it a really interesting exercise. I am recognizing just how obsessive I can be and that I really have some serious dictatorial tendencies which I will even turn on myself.

Soccer and Cistercians

The post-grad vs. undergrad soccer match (pigs vs. ugs). The freaks in the tie-dye and reflector vests are the ugs.
Unfortunately we lost 4-2. But we were also playing 9 to their 13. And they are all in their early 20’s whereas we ranged from 23 to 41. And we obeyed the rule to play in wellies or unlaced hiking boots.

Joe Ryan, our ninja officiant

Our weather lately, not a good day to go exploring with Irish Studies.
Corcomroe Abbey, a 12th century Cistercian monastery.
One of the things I love most about being in Ireland is being surrounded by Medieval art and architecture. Along with Islamic and Baroque art, Medieval Art is one of my favorites. I love the ingenuity and humanity and joy in making that you can see in Medieval work. Especially when you contrast it with the coldness of the Renaissance.

Religious action figures were placed all over the graves.

Gordon pointing out where the image of a viking ship was scratched into the plaster.

Memorial for a murdered O’Brien.

Lintel with opium poppies on the end.

The beautifully detailed ceiling. Each lintel featured a different herbaceous plant and the spines were varied as well.
The amazing Gordon

A broken monument on the floor of the Abbey. They stuck it back together but didn’t do a very good job.

Fancy Jesus globes that are placed on graves.

The second abbey, by Gort I think it’s called Kilmacduagh. These pictures are from last April. I couldn’t take any this time because it was dumping rain and I didn’t want to wreck another camera.

I don’t know what Beef Nuts are or why there were bags of them at the abbey. I think they are space-age food pellets for the cows.