My lovely Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving in Ballyvaughan. We were given the day off school -which only made sense because the vast majority of the students are American. I volunteered to do the turkeys, stuffing, and gravy. The stuffing was yummy, but unfortunately I couldn’t quite get the hang of the oven at the school cafe so the Turkey’s were overcooked. But luckily everybody was very gracious so I was the only one to complain. And it made for loads of delicious gravy.

These are photos I took around the grounds that day, and also from our yummy dinner.

Some of us decided to dress up in honor of the first Thanksgiving. This resulted in one pilgrim and a couple different interpretations of the idea of “Indian”, which involved lots of bindis, feathers, face paint, and jewelry we picked up in London.

Overall it was a fabulous holiday!

Cows on Thanksgiving

Me and Joanna, another of my fellow Indians!

Riva, Me and Jon (one of us costume enthusiasts).

Shannalia and I doing our special
pre-meal excercises

I ate too much and couldn’t finish my dessert.