The I-90 Project


Mile 594, Butte, Montana. The Travona Headframe.

594 map

Driver: Mom & Dad. Purpose: Uncle Stevie’s 50th Birthday. Spring 2011.

This is the halfway point of The I-90 Project. The project takes much more work than I expected but is also much more satisfying than I expected, especially this last section from Spokane to Butte.

I have made a collage of all the map texts. I most often turned toward Romantic and Victorian poets for this stretch of the journey, probably due to the atmospheric nature of many of the photographs. I borrowed samples from John Keats, William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Christina Rossetti, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edgar Allan Poe, Matthew Arnold, especially Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Browning, and Emily Brontë. Plus Carl Sandburg, Charles Baudelaire, D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, Charles Bukowski, William Butler Yeats, William Shakespeare and my beloved Emily Dickinson.

In my changeful dreams
A gallant knight, In sunshine
Watches the watchers

I walk alone
Love drummed away

More than you think you know
My dearest and brightest dreams
Once in a golden hour
Love the earth and sun and the animals
The dream of Wonderland of long ago.

Searching for new sensations
And banish the thoughts of day
The sky of unspecified desire
And many miles still to go

My soul is in the sky
Longing of the day
The face of heaven
Up to the smiling air

A precipitate pathway
This hidden tide of tears.
Emphacized and gone
Blur the perfect image
The time and the place
My strength is trust.

Light doth seize my brain
Come hither, come hither, come hither.
Of my skiey bowers
Came on the shining
Transformed and enchanted

Disturb not her dream
Of the days that are no more

Farther than today
Through the Unknown
And be loved by me
On the lonely shore
This mystery explore
So fresh, the days that are
I open every door
Secrets to tell

Their star is a world
So hushed an air
It pass’d me flying by

I am the other
Mid mystic trees
Yielding but a dream
Absorbed in bliss so deep
My heart is lost
In the pathless woods

A route of Evanescence
The soul and the outside
Where, outside
With many a strange tale
Lived out of focus

The old, unknown world
The vault of paved heaven
Hear the eternal sadness
The wind is passing

Attraction, when invisible
My soul another echo there
We’ll find the New
Where light falls in
The line unchanging runs
On the pale gold ground

The changes and escape
Looking at the stars
Fade slow against the sky
All the way to tomorrow

Half-savage and hardy, and free
Never doubt I love
Beneath, around, above
Find anything except loneliness

Ceaselessly into the past
Sunlight drinketh dew
Mark with light in the memory
The thoughts pass, an empty cloud!
That lamentation of the leaves
Thoughts no longer hover
Bringing me dreams
Only, gazing alone.

Sipping in between
A twig of Evidence
The moon’s laboring gaze
With a most knowing eye
Lie in a twinkling star
Of some divine despair

The white sunset
Invisible, as Music
Oh passing sweet and dear
To gather Paradise
A thing to wonder on
A heaven so clear

Split a ray of light
Golden chains from star to star
Rings in the clouds
Vibrates to that iron string
Much is taken, much abide

As the pale waste widens

Wandering happiness
To hear the strange things
Over the little silver cords
Find anything except loneliness

Burning shades absorb
And left but memories
In eternity’s sunrise
I might have the Sky
And let the clouds go sailing by

Always towards the other soul
Inclined to blur
Still the dream-like charm
Only a reverberant echo
On this high world
Deep under deep

Slips of silver cloud
Fade far away, dissolve, and forget

Invest with beauty
A clear & devastating vision
Into the artifice of eternity

Away, come away
Shade to the sun
I know my sunshine pleases
Keeping the stars apart

Swift as a spirit
The face of all the world
Lies behind stars

Feed on the air
In golden chains
Fade slow against the sky
Is life lighter

Beauty is a form of Genius

Golden apples of the sun
Still shine bright
Beauty such as lurks
And dreams of fiery deeds

You are a wonderful creation
Let the Fancy roam
That nibbles at the soul
Times out of mind

And laugh as I pass
The perfected Life

An echo and a light
Incautious – of the Sun
Our hearts deep-shrined
My soul alone
Upon the breathless starlit air

Of love’s whole prize
With mocking light
Flows through the mind
Our deep eternal theme
Mine own spirit’s hurtling

Wandering happiness
From the blind sky
Thrust out from the changing shores of shadow

Our hearts discern wild images
Of dazzled eyes
The Truth’s superb surprise

In their noonday dreams

To catch at and let go
And secret from the eyes of all
For Love is of the valley
All the world will be
The Invisible alone
And forever and forever

The buried secret broke
To the wide world and all
Its voice is echoless
Of time future, time past
The shoreless waves
Where starts fluttered

Fond and far
Struck with deep joy

All we love below the verge
Paleness sought the secret air
A star among the stars
And Love has built

And dazed vision unawares
Still as the silence
Winds and sunbeams
Rounds on rounds
As light and life

The sun on the hill forgot
Golden shadow glows
Be opening soft
The path to the skies
A joyful dawn blew free

Let the winged Fancy roam
Lightened up my heaven
Glisten as silver

A stream went voiceless
My serpentining beauty
Back to dream on the river
The breathless starlit air
Below the earth, above the skies
The earth and the sky and the water
Save what is secret and unknown
Feeding reflection

Without the aid of joy
Time and times are done
The stars in secret
The stars are fire
And the long black land

As soothed the dazzled eye
Hard as iron
To the longest shadow
And wild with all
Empty your heart
The earth laughs, the sun laughs

Gazing on the unquiet sky
Out-worn heart, in a time out-worn
I long had dreamed
Dreamland lies forlorn

Grasping the golden light
Pay no heed to the garish sun
The world in which I moved alone
Of the sun grown cold
Silvery-silken veil of light

All is bright, and clear, and still
In the realms of gold
Come round at last
Ever shining and twilight grey
In the eternal space
In midnight in the silence
While all the willows weep

Never doubted the clouds would break
The sun, the moon, the seas, the hills and the plains

Tears of useless passion
With silent Melancholy
The faultless mirrors
Whose forms we can’t discover
At the quiet limit of the world

Never doubted the clouds would break
That hushed them long

The level waste, the rounding gray
The uncontrollable mystery
The descent of their last end
A thing to wonder on
Peopling the lone universe
All changed, changed utterly

Such the thin-drawn ray
Hollow sighs in the sere
Extinguish sight and speech
Rayless, and pathless
Dances about the sun
And bruised her soul

Tell off the years
And cloudy-looking woods
Peace comes dropping slow

The winds awaken
How silently serene a sea
The silver answer rang
The old mysterious glimmer
I know my magic power

Some shape of beauty moves
In the light of thought
Of the desolate wastes of sadness
I stand on the roadway
With the quiet of the sky
When the days of golden dreams had perished
The sky fallen through me

A rose in the deeps
Beautiful and calm and free
Remembering those now dreamdust

Tingling silentness
In drowsiness half lost
Cast the world away
From incommunicable dream
If you can dream
Amid a crowd of stars
Wheeling free in the open

For the tears that drip all over
And pitiless atmosphere
Drag the slow
Driving on with it eternally
Wasted in liberty, drifts on

This path so soft
A hurled dream

Their high and lonely melody
In lone and silent hours
Between Eternity and Time
Know the coming
Mystery which binds
Was and was not there

A terrible beauty is born

Through hollow lands
Sound is dissonant
Wasted in liberty, drifts on
Let the thoughts pass
The ever-silent spaces

Draw back to wonder mute and deep
Be sad, be cool, be kind
Dream so pure

Heaven, far removed
The scars remaining
At the silent time
I seek the empty world

Roaming like a dream
I was a Flower of the mountain


Butte: A Mile High, A Mile Deep

Here’s some images from my Butte show at Cafe Racer earlier this year. These are photographs that I took apart then printed on watercolor or printmaking paper and then put back together on big boards.


the original big

Beer big

Green galleon big

Anselmo big

Sweet ride

Banish Air from Air



393 (2)


094 (9)


Banish Air from Air –

Divide Light if you dare –

They’ll meet

While Cubes in a Drop

Or Pellets of Shape

Fit –

Films cannot annul

Odors return whole

Force Flame

And with a Blonde push

Over your impotence

Flits Steam.





Before I got my eye put out




Before I got my eye put out 


Before I got my eye put out –

I liked as well to see

As other creatures, that have eyes –

And know no other way –

But were it told to me, Today,

That I might have the Sky

For mine, I tell you that my Heart

Would split, for size of me –

The Meadows – mine –

The Mountains – mine –

All Forests – Stintless stars –

As much of noon, as I could take –

Between my finite eyes –

The Motions of the Dipping Birds –

The Morning’s Amber Road –

For mine – to look at when I liked,

The news would strike me dead –

So safer – guess – with just my soul

Opon the window pane

Where other creatures put their eyes –

Incautious – of the Sun –